Duo with Carina Khorkhordina (trumpet) listen

Carina Khorkhordina on trumpet and Eric Bauer on electronics/electric guitar are both autodidact musicians active in the field of improvised music. The duo started in early 2018 in Berlin and is exploring an extensive variety of possibilities, from transparency of small sounds and microscopic changes/disturbing silences to loudness and density, pushing each other into unknown territories and each time taking risks. The duo has a complementing/oppositional setup of Eric’s wide range of instruments — analog modular synthesizer, sampler, objects, elements of percussion and strings, electric guitar and Carina’s trumpet on the other side. They both incorporate ideas from other fields into their playing: Eric studied political sciences, sociology and some philosophy, active since over 10 years at various sonic fringes, and Carina is a visual artist working with photography. They have regularly collaborated with other musicians and artists, especially interested in playing with percussionists (the duo played with Burkhard Beins, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Adrian David Krok, Stephen Flinn and Samuel Hall thus far).

Duo with Kamil Korolczuk (tapes, electronics) listen

Duo with Marie Takahashi (viola) listen

Opera Maleta – Quartet with Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio (performance, voice), Marie Takahashi (viola), Al Garcia (drums, percussion, objects) watch

Model Infinity Through Listening And Action Orchestra

Carina Khorkhordina – trumpet
Rishin Singh – trombone
Rebecca Lane – flutes
Bryan Eubanks – alto saxophone
Brianne Curran – violin
Hannes Buder – cello
Xavier Lopez – synth
Andrew Lafkas – double bass
Johnny Chang – viola
Eric Wong – guitar
Eric Bauer – synth